Hello December!

Well....hello December! I have been waiting for you. The last part of the year builds up to what you have to offer!

What is December offering this year? Here are a couple things!

Well....my loving Mr. Handsome has a bday.

He thinks he knows what is happening for his birthday....but does he REALLY know? Stay tuned. It is right around the corner. I will be blogging all month, so I will share a behind the scenes. Birthdays are a big deal with us. Without being born, you wouldn't be here. It deserves some fanfare.

How about December and style trends?
I have gotten the garment sewing bug! It all started when my home studio got a new serger. Wow-eee!!! Have you heard of Juki? 
Yes? No?
Well, if you haven't, look them up. They ROCK! An industrial brand that has a home sewing branch. They make whatever skill you have look that much better. I am not even joking. My garment making skills went from ok to..... well... just look.

*photo credit to Mr. Handsome

I mean...... I can't hardly get over what is happening. It is like a part of me keeps sewing garments to see if this is just a dream or can I REALLY do such things as sew a trendy velvet cardigan that fits the vision inside of me.
Somebody pinch me..... well.... maybe don't. I like this reality.

But seriously. This is a freaking game changer. Being able to go from vision to reality will keep my closet fresh and my skills evolving....and yes world, I know you want one too. Hang on! Working on that.

I have some double brushed poly blended fabric with gorgeous florals waiting for my next sprint into the night of sewing heaven. Either a dress WITH POCKETS or a trendy cardi will come of it. We will see. The vision is still growing on it. I will know, when I know.

My sewing industry friend, Cheryl Sleboda is hosting a blogging event and I will be jabbering on here all month getting you caught up on all the things that are happening. Looking forward to writing more and sharing stories and projects (and Mr. Handsome's bday, of course).

Talk to you tomorrow!

See ya!
-Miss Melissa


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