A Birthday for Mr. Handsome

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent celebrating my Mr. Handsome. It was low key and felt like a day away from the norm. My favorite kind of celebration.

We ate at one of our favorite vegan restaurants, The Trumpet Blossom.

Louis got his birthday wish.

Wireless Apple earbuds. These suckers come in a pod that look like something out of a sci fi movie. Very cool. I am glad that he likes technology. He pushes me to keep up.....otherwise I would be lagging behind at least a decade.....not even joking.

Before leaving, my sweet sister in law took this photo of us.

There is so much in this photo.
Louis started calling me his Sweet Tart awhile back so he had to have this shirt! And I am sporting my latest creative adventure- printing tshirts. Hot Mess is a reality that comes to visit me. I really try to not live there.......anyways! I have a few more tees left if you need a reality tee.
And then Serena put us on this background and it makes this photo over the top adorable. She took multiples, but this was the first photo and was perfect.
It says to me that I am loved with all my sweetness, tart quality, and hot mess. And I love him back......oh how I love that man.

We went on to spend the day doing more of Louis' favorite things. Even went on a drive to see the moon in all of it's super moon glory. What a sight to see.

Now it is Monday, and although Mr. Handsome's bday has passed, I am sure that some lingering birthday moments will greet his week. Looking forward to seeing them, as well as watching a new year form for him.

Talk to you all soon!


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