Contemplation of Blooms

I have been contemplating something for awhile. 

This is not uncommon. I spend dedicated time in life pondering. It is delicious and makes life more interesting.

So, here is my thought:

Can we exist in a new moment, completely new? 
Or in every 'new' moment, is there a symphony happening of old fading away and new coming forward?
And where does the future fit into all of this?

This picture I took on Mother's Day triggered my questions. I was walking into my in-law's home and was drawn to their lilac tree. I pulled out my iphone micro lens and had to explore the blooms in a bigger way.

I discovered that the tree had new blooms next to blooms that were fading away.

On this lilac tree were glorious moments of new.

Many parts of the lilac tree looked like this. New had come, bloomed, was fading, and more new was coming.

Before blooming, the branches had laid barren through the winter. Resting through the cold season.

While the petals pushed forward, you could still see the past season while a new one was on the cusp.

So, my conclusion is that we are always in multiple the same time. Where we have recently been will be with us while we move into a new season. You can see it. 
You can feel it.

How about the aspect of the future?

What becomes of the flowers on trees?

With a lilac tree, simply more leaves come and the flowers have fulfilled their role. With other trees, the flowers become fruit.

And what is the purpose of the flowers? Yes, they look beautiful, but they have a purpose.

Pollen and reproduction

The flowers have an important role.

Well.....this takes my thought to an interesting direction.

Sometimes in our human growth we appear to be blooming.
Why does this happen?
Perhaps it is for reproduction of a belief, breakthrough, or skill. 
Perhaps, the beauty of the bloom helps nurture us as we move towards bearing fruit in that area.

And perhaps all of this is merely a meandering thought. But perhaps it is a really good one.

What I am gaining from these questions is this:
When I am blooming I need to enjoy it. 
Take a long moments and revel in it. 
When I see my blooms fading, I need to allow it and not fear it. 
As I move to a new season, I should expect to see evidence of the previous season around me and allow new seasons to come forward with ease.
Not fight them (my tendency).
Trust more.

My flowers have a purpose.
They are not in vain. 
They do something.
Create something.
Cause something to happen.
And they deserve respect.
From me and from others.

So there you have it.
My thought.

I want you to see yourself as a flowering tree and love your blooms. Even if your blooms only produce leaves. They are still important. It is ok. You are ok. Not made in vain. Not innately flawed. You have a divine purpose and are here for a reason.
Be fully in the season you are in.
Be there.
Trust it.
Yes, trust it.
Soon you will move onto another one.

Good night friends!

Go rock your blooming self.


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