Blog Hop!

I am doing a thing! 

Last year when I saw this blog hop happening, I made a mental note to keep a look out for when it would happen again so I could join in.
I love to connect with creatives and who doesn't love a clean studio!
First off, if you haven't met Cheryl from and you like to sew, you are missing out! She teaches fabric manipulation techniques, is a support to the Cosplay movement, and has been in the Comic Industry for years. Her bangs and eyebrows are definitely on fleck and her logo is legit.
Check her out!

If you are new to my blog, let me introduce myself. I am Melissa Marie Collins, an artist out of Cedar Rapids, IA and a fabric designer for Frond Design Studios. You are welcome to dig into my archives and learn more about me!

Soooooo......about my studio.
a busy life + a busy creative world= a messy studio 

Some time ago I rearranged my studio. Since then I haven't been able to find a thing! The position of my table ruined the flow of things and piles accumulated everwhere.

My design buddy, Ashley, popped by on her birthday to help get me started. Here is a cute picture of her.
You can take one look at her and know why we are friends. We both love lively interesting designs. And when together we can't stop laughing.....and are loud! It is awesome.

*Here is a picture of us before we dug into my piles.

She took one look at my room and exclaimed, "You have a shop in here! What are you doing? Why aren't you selling all of this?"

I looked at her and blinked
And blinked
And blinked
I didn't have a good response.

I decided then and there that I would change that.

Once Ashley left, I took action and started posting art from my PILES on Facebook. I wasn't sure if people would respond or not, but really hoped they would.
I was delighted to find people reaching out to collect the pieces I was offering. What a beautiful experience. 

I uploaded photos while cleaning and sorting. This will hopefully be a new trend of me releasing art into the world. We shall see.

Anyway, here is the tour!

You are peeking in from our tattoed hallway.
As you can see, there is improvement with the flow. And you can also see the piles that are waiting for me!

I do not usually sew with a naked mannequin by my Bernina sewing machine. That is a temporary situation. I am not sure where she will land, but I have grand ideas about how to transform her!

Doesn't everyone keep their high heels as curtain toppers? No? Just me? Ok. I am fine with that. 

I have kept some of my fabrics organized in this cupboard. This was one of the aspects of my previous shuffle that had worked. It has stayed clean and organized for over a year. Be impressed!

While uploading art, I organized this closet. It now functions well. It holds batting, storage totes, drawing paper, and many many many works of art done on paper. I am pretty sure that it will stay tidy like the other cupboard least I hope it does.

I love to hang projects I am working on from the curtain rods. It is the best way to remind me of what I need to work on! If I put them away, I forget. 

There is still work to be done and my big beautiful work table is full, but I am very happy with what I accomplished. The flow is MUCH better and I was able to make some decisions about where things live, so it will be easier to stay organized.

Everything having a home is key for me. If there isn't a home for something, it will wander about and cause irritation. Even though it is a small irritation, small irritation multiplied by many homeless things becomes a big irritation and working in my studio is no longer peacful.

So! There you have it! A peek into my studio.

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  1. Oh Melissa this is a great space. Cleaning is so cathartic! I love the heels on the curtain rods, because inspiration comes from so many places. I love the bolts so much.


  2. So happy I stumbled upon this bog hop - it's so much fun to see everyone's space and it has given me the nudge to clean up my studio! Absolutely love the heels on the curtain rod - brilliant!

  3. I love looking at honestly messy studio spaces! It gives me hope!! Thanks for 'not cleaning before the maid comes'! I think you could sale that high-heels on the curtains thing as a new valance!! Thanks for sharing your space with us! doni @ Oregon coast


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