A Guardian Angel

Deep spiritual work is born through my brush,
Brought from the unseen realm,
to the seen realm, 
It is perhaps the greatest purpose of my earthly existence.
It is an honor.
My goal is to be the vessel.
To allow
To give voice
To give birth

A friend of mine requested a trade some time ago. She traded a beautiful Queen size sleigh bed, in a rich dark color, for an angel print. 

When it came time for me to give the angel print, I felt halted.
When halted, I try to take the time to figure out what I am being led to do.
I was to paint an angel just for her.

This angel refused to be born out of season.
Absolutely refused to be pushed.
So I yielded.
We both did.
I can't say that I understand the why,
But we don't always get to understand.

Recently, the Angel whispered to me that she was ready.
I sighed a breath of relief.
This painting had felt like a heavy weight in my backpack of unfinished projects.

And when she first came,
So did pain.

It was as if the hard parts of my friend's story wanted a voice,
Wanted to be recognized.
The battles she and her angel faced were very real.

I felt the pain with her.
It was intense.
And I had to take a break for a bit.

Spiritual paintings get real.
When you are interceding for another, you experience a taste of what another person's journey has contained.

Once I felt called back to the canvas and was ready to paint again, the Angel began to change.

The colors became fluid.
They were so beautiful.
There was a Healing Tree being born at the same time.
In some amazing way,
They were speaking to each other.
As if this was all a part of God's great design and purpose.
The two born at the same time.
It truly was a marvel.
I had never experienced a conversation between paintings like this.
I would paint on one and then the other would call to me 
And then again and again.

I am sharing one picture of the tree.
It isn't finished.
Isn't ready to tell it's story to the world yet.
So I offer a snapshot of the beginning,
Just so you can understand what I am saying.

The Angel came to completion with ease.

When I finished this painting,
I marveled at her beauty.
She is strong,
And so beautiful.
She guards
And guides
She knows the way.

And then I felt all the angels around me.
A posse of them.
Whether you believe this or not,
I share because you need to know that they are there.
There are angels all around us.
All the time.
I do not remember ever experiencing angelic awareness to this level, but this painting unlocked something.
It might stay with me and it might fade.
I am ok with both.

We recently delivered the Angel.
It was wonderful to see the reception of her.
She is home now.
Speaking to the family.
Allowing them to see her.
One of the children, our godson, saw a waterfall and map in the painting. 
He has become attached to it.
I can't help but believe that he understands something that we do not.
It will be interesting to hear the stories that come from her presence in their lives.

Spiritual paintings are not still.
They carry messages from the unseen realm to the seen realm.
Over and over.
God moves through them and speaks.
It is truly an incredible gift to our world.

Now, about you.

If your heart is calling out for an Angel (or a tree),
Contact me.
I might have one to be moved through me for you.
Although, it might require patience.
Angels choose when they are seen.

Peace be with you.
•Melissa Marie Collins


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