Sewing Ninja

Today in class at Delve MIY, a showroom for Frond Design Studios, I was called a Sewing Ninja.

I absolutely loved it.

It was a class of 6 women that I was teaching how to sew a pillowcase using french seams to make it look beautiful inside and out. The directions are simple and only call for one yard of fabric. 

Years ago, my grandmother taught me about french seams. I can still feel the light that filtered through the window the day she shared it with me. We had just dug into her stash that was stored in a dark blue rubbermaid container, above her compact washer and dryer. What a cherished memory.

When they called me a Sewing Ninja, it made me laugh. My relationship with sewing has been complicated and not easy.

You see, learning to sew is a skill. Some are naturally gifted towards it and others struggle a bit. I don't think anyone talks about this, but it is true.

I am gifted at free-spirited sewing, but have worked very hard for every skill that I have grown with a sewing machine.

This spurs me forward to teach in a way that creates a simpler path for the people I teach. May what I found hard, be made a little simpler for them.

So, when I think of a Ninja, I think about the hours they put into growing their skills. Becoming a master at their craft came with a personal price and dedication that they chose.

That is me and sewing.
I chose to sew.
I choose to grow in sewing.
My career is dedicated to this growth.

Sooo......perhaps, I am becoming the Sewing Ninja that I always dreamed of becoming.

This makes me insanely happy.
Cheers to the future and the detail sewing that is entering my life soon!

Sewing Ninja M

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