Poitical Thoughts

Lately, I have been feeling the political climate and it has been weighing on me. It has been hard to figure out how I felt in the midst of everything.

Today, was set aside for being with my man and rebooting. We went out to nature which is the best place to go when you need clarity. Something about the sound of birds and beautiful sights of nature that gets things set straight inside of yourself.

We are in the middle of a mild winter and the color palette is so interesting. A mixture of cool and warm tones.

By the time we finished the trail, I could hear my heart and knew how I felt.

So I posted on Facebook and Instagram. The response to my honesty was loving and kind. When it comes down to it, I think most people really want peace and harmony.

Here is what I wrote:

This is how I feel about the political climate right now.



Determined to understand 

Determined to be a bridge

Determined to love and be loving

My views are my own and they land in the middle so often. It is how I have always been. 

I get the Women's March because of the lewd behavior of some men that I have witnessed and dealt with. There needs to be a change of culture here. 

And equal pay for women is a real subject, as were many reasons why people marched.

Yet, I get the anti-march thoughts because I too cannot support babies being aborted. This topic just hurts my heart.

And yet, Planned Parenthood does so much more and without it, there is a loss of medical help and pregnancy prevention that is necessary.

And there does need to be a healthcare reform, but it does need to take the best aspects of Obamacare and replace the others with a plan that works. Everyone does need care at an affordable cost.

And I could go on.......but what I really want to say is this.

The fact is, we are living in important times.

What we need to do is be a bridge.

Be kindness.

Be love.

Not be Republicans or Democrats.

Be people.

Every single person has a story behind what they believe. Start asking about it. See the person behind the belief. Let those who are angry about the shift of government be angry. But care about their anger.

You know, if we do our part here, everything will be ok. But if we divide and hate each other, it will divide us. 

How about we don't let this election divide us?


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