A Quilt for Coco Bean

We have two nieces and one nephew. Coco Bean is the youngest and our goddaughter. She is three and has a darling personality. My favorite thing she does is say 'cheese' everytime that she gets her photo taken. I hope that she never grows out of that.

My sister, Charity, had mentioned that Coco Bean could use a new nap blanket for daycare. I love to make handmade gifts for my peeps and jumped at the chance to make her a quilt.

It is a simple strip quilt that I whipped up in an afternoon.

As you can see, it is free spirited and lively. I think that the strips were 7" wide. It went fast as I followed my whim and artistic intellect.

For the back, I took one of my favorite fabrics, called Angel Wings, and seamed it together to play with the color movement.

Oh my goodness, I love! It is a wonderful use of this running panel.

I am planning on making a quilt for all of my immediate family members. After all, if you have a fabric designer in the family, you should get quilt designed and made by them. Right?? 

No worries, I will share the journey. 2017 will be a year of blogging, that I am sure of.

All fabric shown are paintings from my studio that have been printed on fabric for Frond Design Studios. It is a mix of the Discovery Tree collection and Celebrate!

Check for it at your favorite local quilt store. If they aren't currently carrying it, they can simply set up a wholesale account with Frond! Here is a link!

Here is also a nice little link for you:
And of course, you can pop by Delve MIY in the New Bo District of Cedar Rapids, IA and come SEE ME IN PERSON! I like that option the best. Come play at the new Make and Take area with me. It will be fun! Promise-sauce.

Catch ya later!
-Melissa Marie Collins


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