The Dance

There are things that you dream of.
And they happen.
There are things that you wish for.
And they happen.
There are things that you hope for.
And they happen.

And when they do, tuck them into your heart for the hard days...... because this is life. 

Celebrate them. Hold onto them.

My husband, Louis M. Collins, had dreamed of capturing a ballerina in action.

I had a garment growing in me and a recent fabric collection released from Frond Design Studios called Celebrate!

Babette Lam was home from college and visiting her family.
We all came together to create.

It was an amazing, emotive experience.
Truly a celebration of life.

We have a message for you:
If you are a Dancer, Dance
If you are a Photographer, Photograph
If you are an Artist, Create
If you are a Garment Designer, Design
If you are a Quilter, Quilt

Whoever you are, do the things that you desire to do. Life might not slow down for you. It might not get easier for you. You have to sieze the moments and participate in the beauty that can be created.

Do your thing.
Dance your dance.

Melissa Marie Collins


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