Lily Wearing Angel Wings

Lily walked into Delve carrying a lily that she had picked for me. We had never met, but she is the daughter of a gal that I have known from my teen years. She came with her mom, grandma, and brothers. We all chatted and talked of many things, with the highlight being how simple sewing can be.

She left with a couple yards of Angel Wings and Moonwind from my Discovery Tree collection for Frond Design Studios, to make a pillowcase dress. 

Yesterday, I found that the dress was finished and she was wearing it to a wedding.
What a fantastic idea!
It is vivid and beautiful on her. Matches her creative soul.

Before Lily left the day of her visit, she had also given me a painting. I will cherish it and tuck it into my young art collection that I have been growing over the years.

I hope to see her again!


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