Prayers in the Sand

Sometimes, you have to take your prayers out of the closet and communicate them in a visual manner. Not for God, but for yourself.

My husband is going through a health challenge. Right now, we are in the middle of testing. Things could be fine, and things could also not be fine. It is an uncomfortable place to be. It brings fear to the forefront and dances like a boogey-man in front of your face.

Today, we went to one of our favorite places, Palisades State Park, to find peace. We go here often, it feels like home to us.

We made our way to the sandbar. It took a bit of careful stepping and dedication to get there.

I sat down on the sandbar and discovered a stick sitting next to me. Naturally, I started to draw with it. Through my movement flowed my fears about Louis' situation, my hopes, and the outcome I desired.

My design became a circle. It was then that I realized what I had done.

I had drawn a Prayer Circle. And I knew who I had drawn it for.

I then asked Louis to stand in the center and listen to my prayer statements.

With each swirl, I made declarations to support his health and life. Next, I drew two more large circles.

I asked him to connect a line from the swirl to the outside circle in agreement with my prayer declarations.

Then I wrote Yes an(d) Amen.

Our prayer looked beautiful in the sand.

We both left this moment feeling more connected to God and confident of our healing prayer declaration. 

Sometimes, we feel the urge to do unconventional things in expression of faith. I find that these moments are what make life both interesting and miraculous.

No matter what news the final testing brings, I believe that healing is happening.

Yes and Amen.


  1. I agree that sometimes our prayer times seem unconventional to most people. However, God not only understands, I believe He enjoys it when we connect with Him with our entire being. Your post was beautiful, Melissa. Thank you for posting and sharing your heart and soul.

  2. God allows us to communicate, have communion, with Him. He loves when we reach out to Him in prayer no matter the format we use. He hears our cries... Thank you Melissa for the ways you weave Jesus into your daily life.

  3. Beautiful. Yes and Amen. Big love to you both~~~


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