A Healing Journey

Walking through life, sometimes we need help.
Sometimes, we become stuck in a cycle of emotional pain.
In order to release it, we might need a helping hand.

Someone that is outside of the cycle.
Someone who has knowledge.
Someone who has been trained.
Someone who is a healer.

I chose Sandy.

She has assisted me in releasing the emotional pain cycle that I had been in.
She has shown me kindness and care.

Together, we have created a safe place for inward work to be done.

Why do I share?
Because perhaps someone else needs her. 

I vowed long ago to share my journey on this earth from an honest place. To be authentic. To share what I feel compelled to share.

This honesty has assisted others to live their truth. Planting truth seeds in others makes my journey through the dark forests of life feel redeemed and valuable.

I created a Healing Tree tryptic for Sandy, sharing how I experience her and how I see her.

My husband, Louis M. Collins, documented the paintings for my portfolio. I gave him creative freedom. He did not disappoint.

If this post strikes a cord in heart and you feel like you might want to reach out to Sandy, you can email her: sandy.a.kemp@gmail.com


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