Heart Ache

*Sharing a piece of 'Response Art' from this past November, 2015. It was after the bomb explosion in Paris. 

Heart Ache

Anyone that allows themselves to feel, can feel the pain in the world right. It is hoovering over all of us as things are playing out in all the tragedies.

I felt called to paint a Healing Tree tonight. 
As I painted, I prayed for love to penetrate evil. 
That hearts would be open. 
That divine shiftings would occur. 
That peace can be found. 
That grace and mercy would pour out from the heavens into the hearts of every man, woman, and child.
That people would wake up and listen to the promptings in their heart.
That people would take action.

This painting is a bit rough and ragged. So is this moment that we are living in.

Feel free to share what you see in this piece. No response is wrong.


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