First Spring Adventure

Spring is here in Iowa. You can find the twinkles of life happening if you look hard enough.

We took a walk around our neighborhood so that our dog Sadie could enjoy the spring air and found this Magnolia bud. It immediately made me think of my grandma that passed away and the magnolia tree that my aunt planted in her honor. Someday, I will plant one as well.

After tucking Sadie in, we went to one of our favorite places to watch the sunset.

Immediately, the movement of walking in nature settled my mind, body and soul. All my feels are good here.

Mr. Handsome stopped to take pictures of an incoming train. I had to go see what was hiding behind this cluster of trees.

Look what I found!

What an interesting thing. Placing an old gas pump behind a group of trees to rust into the earth.

It was hard to not collect the rusty things that I found.

Or the cool pieces of wood.

When I came back to the path, Louis said he was surprised that I came back empty handed. Let me tell you, it was hard.

And look what I found next.

This tree! Oh my! How is this even possible. And how have I missed experiencing it?

So much beauty to soak in. Texture, color, form. All so amazing.

And this guy.

My adventure partner. I love experiencing photo adventures with him.

Further ahead I saw this.

And had to collect these.

Did you expect me to leave empty handed? These pieces feel like they dance. Looking forward to tucking them into my home decor.

It was a beautiful walk with my love.

Then off we went to run a few errands before dinner at home.

These moments of living life are my favorite. 

I hope you find time to soak up the peace that nature has to offer. It truly makes life feel simpler. Your heart will thank you.

Talk to you later!


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