I long to know

These days, I long to know.
To know the hands behind the tools of everyday living.
The soil from where my food comes from and the hands that labor over my nourishment.

I long to be connected.

Our society has become disconnected from the source of how and where the tools of living come from.

This is a journey.

I have started my journey awhile back without intention and have been gaining intention as my years grow.

Here is a glimpse into my morning tools of living.

The mug on the left was given to me by a potter I recently met. His name is Michael Schael. I still cannot believe it is mine. It fits the curve of my hand perfectly. You can see more of his work at http://www.woodfiredpots.com/ and can connect with him.

The pitcher on the right was made by my brother, Caleb Condit, during his college years. When he moved to Spain after college, I absorbed some of his pottery and glass into my household. It has been my privledge to care for his pieces and enjoy them. You can get a feel for my artist brother at http://www.calebcondit.com/

These two pieces are sitting on a coffee table that my father built. The chair peeking in on the left in the background was also built by my father. I will share more about his work soon. He has definitely influenced my artistic life.

Here is a bowl that Caleb also made. My breakfast requested to be eaten in it.

And this is the silverware that my parents were given by their parents when they were married. I have always loved the style of it from a young age. When my mom gave it to me 15 years ago, I squealed. She told me to use it and so I am. Every day.

We also have mixed in the silverware that we were given for our wedding by loving friends and family. It feels so right.

So, there is a glimpse into my morning reflection of living life.

I hope that it inspires you or at least was an interesting read.

Talk to you later,


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