A Quilt For Anna

Rachel, my oldest sister, made her daughter, Anna, a quilt top and asked me to machine quilt it for her.
Of course I said yes.
Look at her! How can you say no to a face like that? Kind eyes, warm heart, and a smart-y mouth.

*Rachel is on the left, in case we haven't met.

She used every black and white pattern I have designed (which is currently around 20 designs) over the last five years. It is very fun to see them all hanging out together in this quilt. 

At the same time I started this project, my friend Deb Sewell, who owns a long arm sewing machine, opened up her studio to me.

*Here is a cute picture of Deb and myself. 

I have longed to work on a long arm for some time. Having this opportunity is a dream come true. Deb is a fantastic teacher. Her work is meticulous. She has shown me exactly how to keep my blocks square and other tricks that are important in making your work look professional.

There is something about Deb that makes my free spirit dig in and listen to her. I can definitely see this as a sign of her becoming my long arm mentor, as well as a cherished girlfriend.

Here are Deb's hands threading the machine.

I zoomed through this quilt. It was soooooooooo much fun. So exhilarating. Deb supported me doing my own thing and not doing a pantagraph. The machine has a natural straight quality to the movement that was helpful in creating a modern square swirl.

I left Deb's house feeling very accomplished and very excited.

And Anna loved it!
Here is a picture of her with the back of the quilt. 

Did you expect it to be a solid? Oh, no. Not this quilter. I paint big fabric designs that love to be used as a surprise on the back.

The back fabric is 
Carpe Diem- The Tree of Life 
Ink- Thicket
Both can be found in your local quilt store or if not, have them order it at www.Fronddesignstudios.com

Here is the front!

I love it. Rachel did a wonderful job piecing it. The composition is delightful.

It makes my heart happy to know that good times are soaked into this quilt while it keeps my giggly niece cozy and warm. Hopefully, she feels surrounded by love as she sleeps.

What will be next up in my long arm
quilting adventure? I have tops to finish and quilt designs dancing in my head.

Thank you for reading my quilt story.

Talk to you later, 


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