I have been a bit of a mess lately and a big mess the last couple days. The only thing that soothes my soul is creating. I am truly at the bottom of my soul.

I have been here before.....this time, this emotional drop has felt as deep as the sea.

You know what.....my art is really good when I am here.
Ugh.....pain is beautiful.....there is no way around that.

I will come back to the shores.
I am likely on my way back now if I am able to blog about it. However, if we were talking face to face....I am pretty sure that I wouldn't have words yet to express my current experience of being a human.

Why do I share openly? Because I am not alone. People, especially creatives, have a wide range of emotion..... sometimes we go low, low, low. 
And it is ok. 
Fun? No.
Bearable? sigh.....barely
But we survive and perservere.

I can't share whole pieces of what I have been up to, but I can share snippets. So here you go.

There is definitely depth here. And there is a lot of pieces in process.

It has been a productive emotional drop and a really uncomfortable one.

Talk to you soon.


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