This Isn't Your Grandma's Pillow

I might have used your grandma's vintage button stash to make this art pillow, but it definitely isn't your grandma's pillow sham. Funk factor is going on all over the place.

This art pillow was a sample for a class that was scheduled for this afternoon. The class was postponed and I couldn't stop sewing buttons on it. The obsession was real. The focus was supposed to be thread. Yeah.....all I see is buttons.

Sooo......there you have it.

I will be doing another class sample in which the button attaching is a little less button-y. However, through this process I have come to really enjoy vintage buttons. It might become a new obsession or it might just be a splash in the pan. One never knows with me......equal creative obsession opportunity.

Anyway, it was fun. This piece is full of texture, color, and FUNK FACTOR!

Oh! Yeah, you can see some thread. Right there. Peeking out around THE BUTTONS.

It is kind of funny.
Yeah......and pretty cool.

We will see how I redeem myself and exercise a bit of self-control.
I will try.

See you later.

Oh wait! This fabric is the main panel of my Discovery Tree fabric collection for Frond Design Studios. All the pictures were taken in Delve MIY, our artist working studio. I will see you later!


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