Photography Collaboration

Today, I did something that felt important. There was a photo shoot inside of me that wanted to have a voice.

The moment that my artist friend Aubrey Pinckney announced she was pregnant, I knew that I wanted to paint her belly and capture a story. She was absolutely game and trusting of my idea.

Louis, my loving husband, was willing to join in the collaboration, as was Jordan, Aubree's husband.

They came to my home studio where I painted her belly and styled them in preparation for the shoot.

I am going to share some photos. In order to honor my husband's role in this adventure, I am making them tonal. Once he releases his photos, I will share his in all the beauty that they are.

This tree has such interesting roots.....and colors......I wasn't sure how her tree was going to look when I started, but I knew that it would turn out. 
It turned out just right.
I think it is important to know, that Aubree loves trees as much as me. 

And it rained on the way there. I was worried......but the rain went away.

We took them to a forest and asked Jordan to play and Aubree to look like she was apart of the forest.

They played their roles quite well.

Jordan built them a home.

And he also threw stuff while she cheered him on.

I have decided, that if these two needed to live in the woods, they would survive just fine.

Aubree did an amazing job of 'being'. Her beauty is great and she suits the forest. Looking forward to meeting her little one that she is carrying.

I have snuck a peek into Louis' camera and am delighted to what I have found. It will be fun to share once he releases them.

You know the things that pull on your heart. Honor the ideas that come to you. Your life will be adventurous and more satisfying.

I promise.


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