The other day, hubby-Louis-handsome-man and I met our friend Emily and kiddos for coffee to celebrate hubby-Louis-handsome-man's birthday. Mr. Micah and I had some fun coloring on wood scraps. He scribbled and I filled it in!

Can I just gush for a moment and say how much I loved this????


*ok....that wasn't much gushing.....but imagine it- ok?

I have been wanting to collaborate with kids for awhile now. The desire was there even before the stories about parents doing it with their kids popped into my facebook newsfeed. all good desires....looking forward to where this might lead.

At this point, he was really busy eating an apple and made us work for this capture. Glad Emily, his amazing mom that I love, kept at it.

There are some plans in the works for more collaborations with kiddos. I will keep you in the loop!

I am going to leave you with a quote, by Bill Nye, that has been tickling my heart with goodness. It kept coming to my eyes through the social media feed of Greg Reid, an author and inspirational speaker that we really enjoy. 

This quote speaks to the fact that everyone has something to offer, even little people know something we don' fact, they know a lot.....

When I drew the quote, my hand left out the 'R'. Out of the spirit of acceptance, I tucked the letter in and went on with my business.

Talk to you soon!


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