A Rainy Sunday

Today.....was my brother-in-law's birthday. We showed up at his church with secret plans of what we thought he would enjoy doing to celebrate becoming 31. Nate is a great guy. I am blessed to have him as a brother....and he really does feel like a little brother. I try to only boss him sometimes. Lol! He is a talented graphic designer. When I am struggling with a painting, he is great to ask because he sees composition, is honest, AND he likes my work. There are many more things that could be said about him.

On the way from the parking garage, in downtown Cedar Rapids, to the church I saw this gorgeous, linear scene. My angles are not perfect in the capture....but close enough to capture the mood of what I saw and felt.

Isn't is beautiful? Coming.....and going......imagine the conversations that linger in the air.......hmmnnnn.

And while I was making my husband, Louis, wait for me why not take advantage of his photography skills and capture my latest adapted recycled garment.

I took a tweed blazer that was given to me by my friend Chris, to be recycled and made........A CAPE! I am spending a year wearing a cape. It's ok if that doesn't make sense to you. It makes perfect sense to me and that is what matters.

This back picture needed a little tug on the right to get the shoulder in place....but that is fine....you can imagine it laying nice and smooth....right?
I just cut the arms off and tucked in the arm hole. It isn't perfect....but it was fun to wear. 
We had lunch together and then headed off for some shopping. Nate really enjoys shopping and we had somewhere in mind that was a bit of a drive, therefore made it special.
I rode with my Mr. Handsome.
The trees waved hello.
They told me that they wished the rain was snow.
I agree. It's ok if you don't hear them saying this.
And out of a field is the Outlet Shopping Mall. It hit me how strange this is. Driving and seeing field, field, and field.....then shopping mall. Hmmmnnn.......
And here we are.
Serena, Nate, and Sharon looking cute for a picture.
The whole Collins gang! I love this family that I married into. They are really wonderful people. Anyone who knows them would agree.
Well...who is this I see? Lijun! 
Hello Lijun! Let's take a selfie! 
I know the world kind of makes fun of the over use of selfies, but I really enjoy the expressions that come when people see themselves looking back. It is pretty precious. And so is this lady. She has become one of my Cherry Building friends. We have such interesting conversation.
And a shot of Dad Collins. He was rocking his classic hat as it protected him from the rain.
And there is my shopping partner! She got a lot done. We shop well together.
And time to go home. Ready to snuggle in with my man and dog. Ready to make a pile of veggies and butter beans. It's ok if that doesn't sound good to you.....it sounded perfect to me.
Talk to you soon!


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