A Day Missed

Well......I missed a blogging day already..on my fresh 31 days of blogging challenge....


Pretty sure the rule keeping blogging gods might come after me.

All good! All good!

You can see that I find this entertaining of sorts......(honest truth, I took this picture after I kept getting in the way at my in-laws. Everyone was trying to make food. I kept getting in the way and it really humored me. It wasn't intentional. I just couldn't meld with everyone's groove. This picture fits how I feel about missing a day of blogging.)

Here is the thing.
I have plenty of topics I could tell you about tonight.....but none of them want to come out of me......nothing wants to be said except talking about me not wanting to blog yesterday or today.

I am at the whim of my creativity. This is good and bad.
It is so good that creativity moves through me and images come from the unseen realm to the seen realm. It is often effortless. Especially, when I do not question and just follow the movement I feel. I lean on this understanding and can whip through many creative projects when the flow and freedom is there.

Every once in awhile I decide that this isn't how a grown-Up creates! That I have to be more orderly and do things different.

And then creativity does not flow as well and my artist shrivels up inside of me and protects itself. 
And then I am miserable.


Because it is hard to live a free spirited creative life in a face paced world.
On the wind, carry voices of influence. They are often very bossy and think they know things.
But here is the biggest problem with listening to them, I require the whim to breathe through me in order to be healthy. 
This is the truth.
This is my truth.

And I can't say that I have quite figured out how to live in this world in my whimsical manner and not listen to the influence of words carried on the wind.....but I KEEP TRYING!

You see, I don't appear to want to blog about anything more than my emotional process......and I am not sure how this affects the goals I have before me. 

How does an artist build an audience based on sharing their emotional process?

But maybe that is it.
Maybe, that is my style.
And maybe that is just fine!

We can't be anything that aren't.
It doesn't even make sense to try.
All that is required, is to grow.
I am willing to grow. 
Almost every day.

So....there you have it....
I guess I did have something to say beyond missing a blog post.

Well, see you hopefully tomorrow....or tomorrow-ish.

Bye now!


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