Savory Cauliflower Muffins

Hello all!
Today I was craving food with VOLUME! I am back on my unltra-clean grain free, body shrinking diet and was wanting to nom-nom NOM.

1egg and 3 egg whites is allowed once a week on my Karla the Nutrionist led diet. It feels like a lot of food which is JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

Cauliflower is not my favorite food. BUT I have found ways to yummy it up. This recipe is definitely one of them.

I was originally going to make cauliflower bread, but Mr. Handsome had used the last of the parchment paper without my knowing. After hollering "RUINOR!" and playfully punching his chest, I remembered that I had muffin paper holder thingys on hand. lunch was saved by an impulse buy a month ago....not to mention our household peace ;).

In the recipe I do not tell you how to make cauliflower rice, but it is pretty simple. Somehow make your cauliflower become really small like rice. You can grate it, throw it in a food processor, or use your imagination. Then you need to heat up your rice. I put it in a bowl and microwave it covered for 10 minutes. I am sure there is a non-microwave way to do that, but I do not currently know it.

I think that is all you need to know.
And it is ok to not share. The calories are low and the protein is high.

ENJOY! I know I did.


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