Life- A New Year- 2015

I love a new year.
Something about starting a new chapter really gets my heart a-pumping. Sets my mind a blazing with ideas and possibilities.

How about New Years Resolutions? Do you do them? I sometimes do. 

Some years resolutions, are exactly what I need to have movement forward. And some years I go for a single word.

I pray and request a word. It arrives into my life in different ways and is confirmed.

This year I felt was a "WORD" year.


Within this word holds meaning for my mind, body, and spirit. Financial prosperity, health prosperity, spiritual prosperity.

In the words of world renown speaker and author, Lisa Nichols, I say:
"Yes, YES!" 
(If you haven't heard of her, do yourself a favor and check her out! She has it going on.)

Claiming and holding onto the message of Prosperity while going full time into my freelance creative life is a bold move. Sharing this private message with you, is even bolder.

But here is the thing, I am begining to understand a bit about my role of existence in this time, on this place called earth......and it is not for me to be quiet. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I am called to be vulnerable and SHARE my journey. 

So, if this word Prosperity speaks to your heart, go ahead and CLAIM IT! I hold out this word and share it WITH you. There is enough for all of us.

Yes, there is.

Go ahead and shake awake those dreams that have been sitting idle inside of you. Try them out, test them. See how they fit. You won't know unless you look into it.

Let your story be unlocked and start walking into your FAITH required path.

I wish you were sitting across from me while reading this. You would see my eyes smiling at you and would see, I really believe in your God given destiny.

The more important question is:
Do you believe in it?


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