Life- It Takes A Village

My Maryland sister and I had a looonnng talk on the phone tonight. It was wonderful. We talked about all kinds of things. Husbands, careers, her kids, community, all kinds of good stuff.

Recently, I have reached out to her to help talk through part of my great Art Adventure. I like how she sees things and knew she had pearls of wisdom for me.

So, tonight we talked about that as well. And she had great ideas!

As I sit on my couch and relax into the evening, I think about all the community that has come around me to cheer me on in this large undertaking of launching an art career.

Earlier today, Life Coach Louis had an impromtu session with me in the kitchen. 
That husband of mine directs me back at my heart AND my heart desires with lightening speed! 
What a HUGE gift. It is SO easy to get trapped in your fears and forget why you are doing what you are doing. 
I thank God for my man and his coaching abilities! They are GOOD!

And today my Mother-In-Law cheered me on with beautiful enthusiasm. Beautiful, pure hearted, spirit uplifting enthusiasm.

And one of my razzle-dazzle, playful yet deep thinking art buddies related right to where I was at.

And my parents keep finding ways to help and support me. They believe in me and what God has called me to do.


I could go on and on about the love that has surrounded me in this season. And the people who have lifted me up in the emotional moments of it.

So, I ask myself.....
Why do I get to have this amazing experience?

But really. 

Why do I see support all around me?

I have walked through other hard seasons and not felt support like this......

And then it hit me.

I am reaching out. Reaching out more than I have ever done in my life.

I am letting my Village help me build this career.
I am letting them come with me on this Art Adventure.


Had I learned about this earlier in life, things would have looked different.

Why don't we invite people into our adventures? 
Why don't we lovingly ask for help? 

And listen.

I think that is the most beautiful gift you can give another person.

Everyone wants to be heard. 

Listening to someone tell you what they think, is like reading a book. Your village contains many books that are available to you, spoken over a cup of coffee or a late night telephone call.

And if you have taken time to weed out and create boundaries in your Village, you can trust it.

If you have read my words and a longing jumps out of your heart and is doing a dance in front of your face, listen to that desire. 
You too can walk the path that you are meant to walk. 
You too can build a village. 
You too can seek living an authentic life that you feel fully present living.
You too!

I finish this post with a desire to get this message in front of the people who need it. 

Will you help me?

If you feel the desire to pass on this message, you can share it, copy the link, or do other fancy stuff that people do to share information.

More than anything, I want all of us playing the part that we are designed to play in society. Doing the things that are in our spiritual DNA to do.

Thank you for reading! And I hope you stop by my blog again soon.


*Painting is a collaborative effort between Inara Sautter and me.


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