Fabric Date at Fern Hill

The company I design for, Frond Design Studios, came into existence through Stephanie Brandenburg's days working at Fern Hill in South Amana. Stephanie's concept of creating fabric with LARGE images that feel fresh off of an artist's easle, was born out of this quaint shop in South Amana, Iowa.

Every once in awhile I get to hang out with the Fern Hill crew and enjoy the customers that stop by. It is always a good time with lots of laughs and quilt stories.

This past Saturday, was a visit day, and OF COURSE it was a good time!

These ladies were a blast! They recognized my dress fabric immediately and it led to some great conversation about color and quilts. Helping them pick out fabrics was definitely a highlight of my day. In fact they came back for a second round when they realized they didn't buy enough fabric for their project. I enjoyed getting to see them again!

I am slightly obnoxious. It is part of my nature. Any who is around me long enough will get to experience it. Hopefully, they see it as part of my charm.......hopefully ;).

As I was getting ready for bed on Friday night, I came up with the idea to paint this little frame with the intention of torturing the lovely people of Fern Hill with picture taking. I say torture, because unlike the young culture of America, many people do not love having their picture being taken. I however, LOVE to capture an event. Looking back on a good time adds a lot of joy to my life. Hopefully, they will enjoy these pictures as much as I do for years to come.

Here is Stephanie looking ADORABLE peeking from behind the frame. She is the brains and beauty behind Frond Design Studios. It is an honor to work with her.

Here we are, SQUEEZING into the frame. It was a struggle! But we all managed to fit in!!! This pic makes me giggle!

Linda didn't really want me taking pictures of her.....but look at her. She is precious!!
Here is Patti, the owner of Fern Hill. Her heart is big and her stories are many, what a great combination. I could spend hours talking with her. 

Aww! Cute picture of Joey and Stephanie! Joey is the official shuffler/helper of both Frond and Fern Hill. He helps move all the big stuff with a joyful attitude, no matter what.

Cheryl poses with adorable attitude! We had a great lunch break together. 
This sweet woman is new to Fern Hill. It was fun getting to know Wendy!

I left the day with fabric designs dancing in my head. What will I do next???? So many ideas crackling in my head. I guess we will all have to wait and see!

If you are looking for a great place to buy fabric, check them out in person (South Amana, Iowa) or online at https://www.fernhill.net/. They always keep our Frond fabrics on hand.

And if you haven't checked out my new YouTube channel, please do! It is good home grown entertainment.

Have a lovely day!



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