Art- Why buy original art?

Hello there!

While I upload gabs and gobs of art to my website, I was thinking about something.........

Why should people buy art?

Is it to match home decor and be pretty?

Well....that is a good reason.....a valid, good reason.

But I would like to propose a couple more reasons to purchase art.

Buy art because it makes you FEEL something.
Buy art because it speaks to the core of who you are.
Buy art because you need to experience what the piece has to offer on a daily basis.
Buy art because we buy a lot of things and art is often an after thought.
Buy art because it supports an artist.
Buy art because you believe in the artist's role in society.
Buy art because you deserve authenticity hanging on your walls.
Buy art because it brings beauty into your world.

And here is a reason that might stretch your mind:

Buy art because it can cause healing in your life through gazing upon it and receiving all that it has to offer.

Is this true? Can someone be healed through viewing art?

The role of an artist in our society is to SAY the things that can only be said through art. 

And art can heal. Oh yes, it can.

I could dig up scientific data to support this statement.....but I need to get back to my task of uploading my art.

Do I want you to buy MY art?
Oh yes, please. That would be wonderful!

But....more than anything, I want you to be open to the art that you encounter and FEEL the messages that are there for you to experience. Let them touch your heart and hear what you are to hear.

Go ahead and pop over to:

And sneak a peek of what I am sharing with the world.

Here is a teaser:


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