Life- Silly-side Out

Today, I couldn't help it, my silly-side needed to be OUT and expressed.

I love my ADORABLE new mug that my friends got me for St.Nicholas Day. It will make me smile every time I use it.

But it got me thinking.......I really can't wink well.

Trying with my right eye ^. 

Ok. The left eye is easier^.

If I drop my jaw a little to the left, I can wink the best. 

There we have it, my winking style.

Pretty ridiculous!

Let's imagine the scene together. I want to wink at someone and I have to make THAT ^ face to do it! Ummmmn....not sly. Straight up RIDICULOUS!

And while we are on the subject, when is a wink even appropriate? says:
"A wink is a special way of saying hello. Sometimes it's flirtatious, sometimes it's joking."

Oh! My wink sure is a "special" way of saying hello!!! 


Have a lovely night. 

And make sure to enjoy the way you are made. 
Even, your silly-side! 

I'll wink atcha later.


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