Quilting- Fall International Quilt Market 2014

Wow! That was a trip!!! There are some cherished stories that I will tell for years to come from this latest adventure.

Frond Design Studios is an awesome company to work with. I cherish being a part of the design and selling team. 

However, there is a bit of chaos that surrounds it. (This statement is made with a twinkle in my eye and much love beaming from my heart.)

Two members of the crew drove the large Penske down to Houston, filled to the brim with the booth goodness and pulled a trailer with a 1972 a Frond green VOLKSWAGEN BUG behind it. Yes, I said that right. Some people take quilts and props to market and some take VOLKSWAGEN BUGs. What can I say? I admire Stephanie Brandenburg's tenacity and artistic vision. She will do whatever it takes to make her point and share how she sees things. This market required a car to set the retro tone, and set the tone it DID!

The rest of the crew (myself included) was scheduled to fly out at 6something in the morning on the Friday before market. I couldn't sleep that night. My adrenaline was ramped up because I WAS GOING TO MARKET and it is something I look forward to. Plus, I didn't want to oversleep. At 3:00 am I gave up on trying and started to get ready. At 3:30am, my husband Louis says, "Google just sent me a notice saying your flight was cancelled."
"What?!?!" I respond while I was putting blush on my cheeks.
"Oh, geesh....."
I stopped mid-mascara application and immediately started looking at flights. Everything to anywhere close to where we wanted to go was cancelled. Everything.
I texted the rest of the crew and immediately starting praying and imagining us arriving in Houston and selling fabric at market. We weren't going to leave Stephanie and Shannon high and dry.
Well.....after the group gathered and a million phone calls happened between Stephanie in Houston and the group in Iowa, we ended up having Louis drive us to Omaha so that we could fly to
Denver, then Houston.

It was this option or driving down to Houston. Yeah.....driving to Omaha was the right answer, even if it was a time gamble. We arrived with 20 minutes to get through security and get on the plane. And those were shaved off minutes. Somehow, Louis got us there safe, sound, and fast. Good job Louis! And good job Stephanie for trusting your instinct that this would all work out.

Sigh.....we arrived without anymore drama. I'm not sure we could handle more.

Here we are together, sharing a meal and celebrating a hard journey that challenged us, but did not stop us.

Market ran from Saturday, October 25th through Monday, October 27th.

It was a lovely time. So many shop owners stopped by and saw our new lines, ordered fabric, and purchased kits. We also had many stores stop by our booth for the first time. It is SO FUN to watch their response to our colorful fabrics that contain an art filled message. The oooooh's and aaaah's escape their lips while they gaze at the colorful quilts amoungst the funky retro pieces in our booth.

And the car got a lot of attention. It was fun to hear shop owner's stories about owning a bug in their youth. So many fun memories were shared while gazing at that gorgeous Volkswagen.

It was such a great time. And the trip home contained less drama.

My heart is full of gratitude towards those I share a quilt world with. This industry is warm and contains many beautiful souls. 

To those that buy our fabric and support our Art cause, we say thank you.

And to those who long to sew, but aren't doing it.....go get a machine and get sewing. It's a great time and allows you to bring functional art into the lives around you. 

And buy my fabric.
Yep, go ahead and do that too!

Thanks for reading!
•Melissa Marie Collins


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