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For those who follow my feed of Facebook, you know I quit my bra-fitting, fanny evaluating, pajama selling day job.


Yes, I have been passionate (and still am) about women wearing the right bra size. Yes, I have much love for the women I served and the people I worked with. Yes, I still enjoy helping a woman build a wardrobe.


I am an artist. 
For the entirety of my adult years I have craved the ability to pursue my art more fully. There is a level that I want to reach that requires more than the slivers of time that my art currently receives.

At what point do you live your passion?

I was done waiting.

And.......there was a prompting in my life this past summer. A prompting that as much as I wanted to ignore it, I couldn't. 

I'm having a Jonah-like experience.

You see, God has been calling me to go to Ninevah. 

Where is that?

I'm not even completely sure. All I know is that I have been fighting to go there.

What I do know.......God led Jonah to Ninevah to save a land of people......I am being led to SAY things with my art. Things that I cannot reach with distractions all around me, pulling me here and there. Images I can't let move through me when I am care taking a large, public world around me.

I'm going to go deep within. Deep, deep within. The place that God's voice is so clear. The place that prophetic art comes from. The place where the existence of an image released causes change in the world.

Those who carry these kind of messages know that they are a glorious burden. I am honored to be one who carries them.

I'm also going to caretake my home and my man. No longer will my home be an afterthought. It deserves to be nurtured. And that amazing man I cherish.....he gets more of me. His needs will no longer be sandwiched into our life.

I end this post with tears threatening to fall. You see, I do not love change. I love consistentcy. Consistentcy is safe.

But that is not my calling.

When will we start living our callings? When will we trust that we can embark upon the journey that we desire? When will we trust that we have everything we need to be successful?

I start now.

Will I still blog?

In fact, I have this desire to share my daily fashion with you because even when I'm throwing paint on a canvas, I love rocking my Melissa style. And style loves to be shared.

So.....I'm working on a secondary blog for my fashion. This current blog will continue to be my art, quilting, and heart felt reflections.

Will I be available to help you with your wardrobe needs?
Even more so.
I'm working on that......stay tuned!!!

First, I'm going to Ninevah.

I'll be posting daily art on my facebook page: Melissa Marie Design Studio. If you do not follow me there, yet, I invite you to.

It's already getting pretty real in my dungeon/basement oil-painting studio. Deep down inside of all of us lies stories that want to be told. 

Stories that we have been given to tell.

I'm going to start telling mine.

Will you tell yours?

Photo by Louis Collins. He rocks. Feel free to book a photo session with him!

Take care! And thanks for reading.


  1. I'm so proud of you. I'm so in the dame season right now. God be with you

  2. I'm inspired, as always! Thanks for sharing your life and journey with us.

  3. save travels....looking forward to the art you unearth. Love u two, Rod


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