Quilting- Sewing With Love

Making a quilt is an act of love. There is no way around it, you have to put love in there to get it right. And if you don't have love to give, you have to stop and fill up the tank before you sew on. An important lesson I learned (again) this past month.

Recently, I finished a commission quilt made from the fabric napkins and table cloths used at Akwi & Chris's wedding. Akwi contacted me earlier this year to commission the quilt as a suprise for their 2nd anniversary. The quilt reminds me of the scenes I saw in pictures of their delightful barn wedding. The textures, colors, pretty Christmas lights, and joyful smiles are there in the quilt design. Akwi has a way of creating charm and beauty. It was my honor to collaborate with her throughout the quilt process.

I do not sew many commission quilts due to the time and energy that they require, but this one was worth taking on and I am excited about how it turned out. Plus, I really like the people that I was making it for.

However, I had forgotten how BIG a queen size quilt feels when you put it together and machine quilt it. MUCH bigger than a throw! But look at me, finding my way to get it done. I am using the Erik tight-rolling method.

I was chatting with my friend Ambre about finding an efficient way to handle the 100x100 inches. She suggested skipping the typical pinning process and rolling up the quilt on either side. It was inspired by her husband's tight-rolling skills leftover from high school. Thus, it will be forever called Erik Tight-Roll Style, in my internal quilt dictionary.
Isn't that fun? Makes me smile.

Time ran tight on this project and I once again chided myself for not planning better. 


Sometimes, my nature causes challenges that aren't fun......but there are a lot of awesome attributes that come with the way I am, so I will accept and love all of me and learn to make life easier in the future.

But, let's take a moment and look at this pretty barn wedding inspired quilt.

Isn't it nice?
I am very happy with it. And more importantly, so are the two people that it was made for.

Now....time to whip up some fun projects for Frond Design Studios in preparation for Fall Market. I'm looking forward to playing with my latest fabric line, Dreaming Tree. (Check it out at Fronddesignstudios.com).

But.......first I need to quickly fill up my love tank. Better fill up quick!!

See you later!


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