Sewing- Making a Skirt from a Dress

Can you make a skirt from a dress?


Where there is a will, innovation will follow.

Awhile back, I pulled a dress out of my archives. While wearing it, the zipper broke. I was at work and had one of our Alteration ladies sew me into the dress. It was a bit tricky getting out of it that night! The whole zipper breaking situation was pretty funny and gave me a lot of laughs that day.

My sister sent out a request to my mom and I to make her daughter some skirts for school. Her little girl is the sweetest thing in the world and she lives far could I say no???

This morning when I was shuffling things about, I found this old dress. My creative mind looked at it and instantly thought of my niece!

I love recycling clothes. The concept of taking something old and giving it a new life makes me get all excited inside!

The bottom sides are intentionally longer to create design interested and I made the lining become the top fabric, so the skirt would feel light and swingy.

I hope it hangs well on her little frame, but my sister will have to be the judge of that when it arrives to their home.

This was a quick easy project that involved two cuts, pinning, gathering, and sewing on elastic. Pretty EASY!

I encourage you to rock your life, your way. Go ahead! I cheer you on.



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