Fashion- Feeling Fall

I live in Iowa, and the temps are dropping fast. It is time to dig out what sweaters are left in my closet. 

I'm a sentimental girl and have held onto the cozy wool sweaters that my mom bought me over the years for Christmas and my birthday. These sweaters were once a fitted style on my body, but they feel even better oversize. Glad I was sentimental! 

Over size clothing is a trend right now. In order for it to work for my small shouldered, curvy hip and legged body, this is my motto:

Oversize on top - fitted on bottom
Oversize on bottom - fitted on top

If I do oversize on both top and bottom, one wonders, "Where did Melissa go?"

Here are some pics that my photographer husband (Louis Collins) took of my fall fashion the other day.

In my opinion, his capturing ability is getting pretty freaking good. Sheesh! If I was a senior in highschool, I would hunt him down. But.....I don't have to hunt him down.....I live with this amazingly talented man.

And here is my new favorite hairstyle.

It is a French braid that is tucked under and pinned. I also pin the top of the braid to give me a little poof up front. This is not as quick as the top knot style I rocked most of the summer, but it is pretty close.

After these pics were taken, I went and painted a chair at my friend's open studio. The Dreaming Bear is my favorite place to climb in, get away, and delight in the ridiculous. The owner, Dori has become a very dear friend to my heart. If you are in Marion, you should check her out!

This was taken in my studio after fussing a little more on it. Look at how my skirt pattern was infused into my design!

Ha! So fun.

Hope fall is treating you well. Make sure to rock any trends you try, YOUR WAY. After all, it is your life, you are living.

Take care, friends!


  1. Loved your ASG presentation on Saturday. Your work is truly inspired *and* inspiring. It is refreshing to see an artist who supports and encourages other artists!


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