Sewing: Love Art Pillow

This week, a FaceBook friend, Peggy Bass, posted a challenge in our Hands That Create group. We were to make a piece of art out of a word or phrase that meant something to us. We could use whatever creative medium we desired.

The moment I read the post, I KNEW that I was going to make a LOVE pillow in black and white.

Last night, I was feeling spent by life and needed to do a self-nurturing project. I was sitting in my studio lounge chair looking at my book shelf of unfinished projects. I saw two pieces of white fabric I had machine quilted 2-3 years ago, sticking out asking to have a purpose.

How could I not oblige them?

(The white fabric used was recycled from my great-great Aunt Dorothy's curtains. I think she would feel honored by my creative use of her home decor.)

And look at this! I am going to do a little tutorial of my steps.

I cut my LOVE letters out of the black blender in my Life Goes On fabric line for Frond Design Studios. (

Here is a pic of the adhesive that I ironed on first. It is my personal favorite: Heat n Bond lite. 

I fussed and fussed with my hand cut letters until I liked the layout. The placement is always worth the time it takes to get it just right.

Next, I carefully peeled off the paper backing and ironed them down.

Then, I zigzagged the living daylights out of them.

Love, love, LOVE doing appliqué with a walking foot. It makes everything go so much faster.

How could I not add black pom-poms? Especially since I have two large reels of them! I didn't pre-pin and this step took a lot of time. Pinning would have made this process quicker.

Next, I sewed the layers all together, inside out, with my zipper foot. It seemed like the easiest way to deal with all the pom-pom bulge that was sandwiched between the layers. I made sure to pin, pin, and pin all the way around so that everything would lay nice and the pom-poms would not get caught in the seam. 

Then I stuffed it full and closed up the little opening with white thread.

Voilá! There is my LOVE pillow looking cute.

Today, Louis and I joined up with the Frond crew and went on a photo shoot. I brought my pillow so I could utilize the locations to get some good shots.

And of course, I wiggled a few pictures out of Louis. He does such a great job. Love my man and love his photogrsphy skills.

Recognize the background? This is a mural I did awhile back at The Meat Market in Cedar Rapids' Czech Village. They have wonderful smoked salmon and other tasty meats that this peskatarian doesn't nom-nom, but I hear are marvelous!

So, there you go! Hope this inspires you to use your favorite Frond fabric and make something awesome.

Also, take time to nurture your heart. A little "me time" benefits everyone.



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