Art- Laughing At Trouble

Today I had studio time at a coffee shop. I really enjoy taking my creative supplies to-go style. A new setting brings new inspiration.

Flowers, Melissa style, came bursting forth today. It has been years since I have painted flowers. Years since I have even photographed them. They used to be my favorite subject matter.

Time to return to flowers and what they mean to me.

Poppies have always caught my attention. They are tall with big petals. Something about them feels strong yet delicate. When I looked up the meaning, I couldn't help but paint it. 

What a meaning. Full of mystery and life. No wonder they have always captured my attention.

What a pretty little flower the Harlequin is. The meaning tickles my fancy! 

When I walked out of the coffee shop, the wind blew this picture out of my hand, whirled it up and around......then it landed face up. 

I heard the message loud and clear. 

There are some things that I need to no longer be afraid of, and "laugh at trouble" when it comes knocking at my door. After all, it is our perception that makes things difficult. Very seldom is the problem as big as what we make it.

Life is a beautiful journey and I am determined to enjoy it one moment at a time.

May your world be full of mystery and joy.



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