Fashion- Jeans

I HAD to buy pants.

I had held out as long as I could because whatever I buy now is "transitional" clothing. night when I had an abundance of patience, I went pants hunting. The goal was to buy one pair of inexpensive jeans that would work with the shirts I have in my closet.

40 pairs later, I came to the conclusion that I have two style choices when it comes to jeans:

1. Mom jeans
2. Tight fitting jeans

There is nothing imbetween for a curvy girl because I....
I fill out jeans. 
I seriously cannot figure out why they appear to only change the waist width from size to size. Why, oh why? Obviously the people designing them do not have the same struggle.

However, my trip was blessed with a SERIOUS find of BRIGHT BLUE wedge sneakers. I've wanted to wear that trend, but hadn't found the right pair. Man oh man! This was the RIGHT pair and made the whole pants struggle worth going through.

Check out my style!

(Photo of course by that hot photographer I'm married to.)

See you later!


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