Quilting- A New Valentine Tradition

Every year, my mother (Deb Condit) and I have made gorgeous sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. Her birthday is February 13th, so this tradition has become part birthday celebration, part holiday. It is always a good time full of laughter and SUGAR!

When I needed to eat gluten free a couple years ago, it put a kink in our tradition. This year, I have been on a serious diet, so sugar cookies were out, out, OUT!

My mother, having a delightful creative mind, came up with the idea to work on a festive quilt block together instead. Sew together? Oh yeah, I was game! It is one of my favorite things to do with her.

A couple days before Mom's birthday, I had the idea that a fun birthday present would be to hand paint some fabrics for her to use in her Valentine sewing project. It was definitely the RIGHT gift for her.

Here are some pics of my mom's project and the fabric I painted for her:

It was so much fun to make cute little hearts. (She told me that I was a little stingy with the hearts and she had needed TWO more rows! Somehow she managed ;).

This heart is inspired by the Brighton jewelry that she loves. It also reminds me of when I would watch her, as a kid, doodle hearts on the phone book or random piece of paper that was laying around while she was talking on the phone. (She was a Zentangler long before it was ever a "thing").

Here is her paper pieced block. (Sorry that I do not have a pattern reference for you. It was a free pattern off the internet).

Isn't her wall-hanging gorgeous!?!?! The setting she designed balances out the hand painted art with the pieced quilting delightfully. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

My project has not come along quite as fast, but is going to become a pillow for our couch this spring.....or at least I think it will become a pillow.....oh artists! It's not decided, until it's decided!!! Gotta love the way you are made!

Hand painted fabric for me!

My block was made of scraps from the Carpe Diem tree panel I designed for Frond Design Studios. Yep, a little funky and different!

And my second block. Really loving this one!

We shared our new tradition with two other women from the little town/village that I grew up (and my parents still live). It was a good time! I heard all kinds of stories about country living. Much laughter and stitching was had by all.

Thank you for taking time to enjoy our new Valentine tradition.

Have a lovely day!

-Melissa Marie Collins


  1. What a great and lasting way to reinterpret your traditions! Someday you may have a whole heart quilt with such loving memories to go with each one!


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