Sewing- Little Mitts and Hat

The sweetest little bundle was born to my sister Charity. Seeing her become a mother and wife has been such a joy. This has been a full year of celebrations for her!

After perusing how to make mittens on Pinterest, I decided to give it a whirl as a gift to my niece. After all, we live in Iowa and warm things are a serious necessity.

Up the stairs I went to my studio/haven with flute music dancing (from Pandora) in my ears. I felt fully capable to complete this creative task.

One try, two try, three try.....four tries. A pile of discarded materials later I had a set of precious little mitts! They are very sweet and match a crocheted hat I made about a month ago.

Let's talk about the attempts that it took to complete this task.

It is easy to try something once, fail, and then give up. It takes gutts to try, fail, try, fail, and repeat until you get it right. Sewing and art making require being brave and sticking with it.

Next time you are working on a project and you fail, take a breath and start again. It will be ok. 

In fact, if you keep going you could unlock your inner genius and discover an amazing design that was waiting to be born through you.

Now, look at this cuteness!!!


  1. Hi Melissa I have been looking for a pattern to use with your Healing Tree and saw the one on the web. Can you tell me were I can find the pattern Please. Its a gift.

    1. Hi Mary! I am just seeing this. Take a look at


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