Fall Market 2013

Today is the last day of Quilt Market. It is quieter day, with an undertone of hustle and bustle. Many are working hard to finish their market to-do lists.

Our Frond Booth, #2206, has been well received and met with ooo's and ahh's. People love to stop and gaze at our colorful fabrics and see how to incorporate the fabric lines into their quilt shops and life.

My favorite part about market is getting to connect with the Quilt Shop owners and sharing the stories behind each fabric line. Behind every great line of fabric (and art) lies a story.

It has been fun to wear my Art clothes this week. And the response has been a blast!

At 4:00 we tear down, load the Penske, grab a bite to eat and then rise early in the morning to fly (or drive- part of our crew) home.

In 2012, Stephanie Brandenburg said she was going to start Frond and asked if I would design with her. Without a moment's pause I said, "YES!". It has been a great journey.

Back to work I go! Have a lovely day.


(Photo by Louis M. Collins)


  1. Can we see some more detailed photos of your outfits? This one looks fab!


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