Art & Life- Stream Painting

I had the pleasure of crossing the anniversary of my birth and becoming one year older. It was a beautiful day full of simple moments.

There was ONE thing that I wanted to do on my birthday. It kept rolling over and over in my heart and wouldn't let me go.

I wanted to paint in a stream.

Mr. Handsome had photographed a senior painting in a stream and I decided then and there that I HAD to have that experience.

The weather was beautiful on my birthday. The temperature was warm for a fall day, perfect for dipping my toes in the water.

It was a glorious experience! One of those moments in life that can not quite be described. One of those memories you tuck into your heart and hold dear. 

It was spiritual, romantic, and perfect. Sharing it with my loving husband added so much to the experience. Being the photographer that he is, there are some pretty cool photos too. He hasn't edited all the pictures, but released a few to my delight.

A message for you:
Do the things your heart longs to do. Your life will be richer and contain more beauty. I promise.


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