Life- Wedding Story

My sister, Charity, recently got married (say- 4 days ago :).  It was a wonderful time full of great memories.

As I was thinking about what I have been doing creatively lately, I remembered a creative adventure that I had to share with you.  

Here it goes:

On Friday, the day before the wedding, I arrived early in the morning with my creative assistant in tow, Leah Leduc, to Charity's house.  The plan was to get there early and have plenty of time to decorate the barn that the ceremony was in.  
Side note:  When my mom said that I was decorating the barn, my response was that I would only do it if she hired Leah to help me.  Leah has recently helped Louis and I put up three different shows and I love how well we work together.

Back to the story:
When we arrived, Charity was still making gooey yummy brownies (for the reception) and was not ready to leave yet.  She asked Leah to decorate candle votives and me to make her veil.

Yes, I said that right.  It is the Friday morning and I am making her wedding veil.  We had talked a couple weeks earlier about possible ways to make a veil, but the closest I had ever gotten to doing one was a mock play version for a friends shower.  I was up for the challenge and willing to do whatever the bride asked.

Somewhere during the task I took a break and tried to dress up her dog as a bride, but Lily wasn't having it.  And I also remember Leah asking me if I had ever done this before.  I responded with composure that I had done one for a shower.......but I was really feeling- I hope I can figure this out!?!?!! I got 3/4's of the way done and didn't love my stitching, so I took a break.

We left shortly after to decorate the barn, then helped my mom with the reception hall, and then it was time for the rehearsal dinner.  The day was busy and full of activity.  I didn't have another thought about the veil.

Next morning I am woken up by a very perky, "Good Morning" from Charity and a request to bustle her dress and finish her veil while she got her hair done.  Well......I bustled her dress and got it ready for her, but the veil comment went in one ear and out the other.

We get to the place that pictures were to be taken and she turns and asks me where her veil is.  Ummmnnnnm...... Ooops?!?

Rachel, our oldest sister, says we will go and get it.  In my mind I am thinking about how IT ISN'T EVEN FINISHED!!!!  Oh dear!  How ridiculous!

We rush to get it and I finish stitching it on the way back to the photo shoot.  I am cutting a curve on the sides of it while Rachel and I are talking about how perhaps doing this in a moving vehicle wasn't the smartest idea.  But, it turned out just fine. was all good.

Note to self:  let's do that differently next time.

The wedding went forward without a hitch.  It was beautiful (but hot) and full of good memories.

Here are some pictures.

Leah and I by our major accomplishment.
Charity, the veil, and the adorable flower girls staying cool by the fan.
Me and my siblings.  Love this pic!
Mr. and Mrs. Schroeder
Me and Mr. Handsome.  Look at his RED shoes!  Fun!
Lily not appreciating my bride dress up game.
And that is my story!  
Have a lovely day.

Oh wait!  One more pic.  Here we are rushing to get the UNFINISHED veil.