Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion- $3 Leggings

$3 leggings that have words that I like on them in black and white?  Oh YES, THANK YOU!

I am a frugal shopper.  It started at a young age and has continued to adulthood.  At the end of the season I love to pick up pieces for $3!!!!  I do my best to only buy things that feel like "my style".  Luckily, my fashion tastes are a little wild and the people I share this city with are not, so there are some awesome pieces left on the rack WAITING for me.

And losing weight is the bomb.  Shopping is much more fun when clothes fit better.  Having a Nutrionist to guide you along really helps.

Anyway.....check out my $3 leggings!!!!!!

P.S. love the fabric in the background?  Check out my latest black and whites at


  1. Love these leggings Melissa & the $3 price can't be beat!

  2. Now those leggings for women I like. I've seen similar ones by so I know those are in style!