Art- Art Shades

Do you ever get stumped on what to do for decorating?  I do!  The funny thing is that I LOVE interior design, but I have a hard time making up my mind on what to do.  I get lost in the possibilities.

Our kitchen windows have had a variety of things hanging on them to give us privacy, but nothing has been "right".  I have been meaning to make curtains for about eight years.

Well, Mr. Handsome made his request for curtains on the windows and lucky him, I WAS IN THE MOOD.  Now, why oh why has it taken me eight years to get in the mood?

Check out what I am going to call Art Shades!  Do you recognize the fabric?  There it happy Carpe Diem beckoning the sun to shine through it.  

I kept the fabric to a single layer for two reasons.  One- to let in as much light as possible.  And two- for the design to light up and shine for my awesome neighbors that live across the alley.

Now, I want to hang small framed pieces of the whole line above the window.  Wouldn't that be fun!  How about I get on that soon.....and not wait too many years ;).

Love the fabric?  You can buy online at .

Have a lovely day!


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