Life- Busy-bee

I have been buzzing around being a busy bee. In one week this bee is going to slow down....but until then, I will be buzzing.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am getting ready for a fashion show this SATURDAY!!! Eeek! It is coming soon. I am on schedule with my much-to-do list, I just have to keep going. It has been a great creative challenge to pull together recycled outfits for myself and 6 other people, with everyone wearing two outfits.

Also, I got to be in the Cedar Rapids Gazette promoting the show. That was pretty awesome. Did any of you see it? The article was well written and the pictures looked good.

So, are you going to come? Please do! Doors open at 6:30 and you can RSVP at It is a free event. What a fun way to support sustainability. And you might be inspired to a new kind of style.

Guess what else is going on?!? I got to sneak a peek at what my new line Carpe Diem looks like on fabric. Whoop-whoop! It looks good. I think it might be my favorite fabric line I have designed yet. Frond Design Studios will have it on the bolt in shops this SUMMER! So exciting! Ideas of future projects are dancing in my head.

My last bit of excitement is about my amazing hubby I like to call Mr.Handsome (and you call Louis). He has a 17 piece art show up! I am so excited for him. His work looks so good hanging up. I would share a picture with you, but you have to go see it for yourself. It is at Mercy Hospital here in Cedar Rapids, IA. They have an area that is designated for art shows that is on the way to the cafeteria. It will be up for the whole month. Go take a look!

I leave you with some pictures. Enjoy a taste of the fashion show and Carpe Diem.

Hope to see you on Saturday!


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