Life- 2013 One Goal

My favorite part about a new year is the opportunity to reset my focus. I do my best to leave each year behind me as a new year rolls in.

This year, I have major goal, one focus.....


From here I could micro-manage the goal into 1,000 bullet points, but that is not in keeping with how I have been designed. To do that would be like forcing me to paint with colors I do not like and do not desire to use.

So, instead, I am going to honor what I know about myself and going to create my own path for my life.

I am going to treat my health like I do my art.

When I paint, I trust that I will create something beautiful. I do not stop a piece until a message/image/feeling comes forward that echoes something I feel/know inside. There is a deep respect inside me for my inner artist. I do not doubt her, I respect her. I trust that Divine art comes through me as a message for the world and I choose to honor this message by sharing it loudly with the public.

Just like this message.

I believe that God can restore my health and I will no longer suffer from an Auto-Immune disease. Since the moment I was diagnosed hope arose in me for HEALING!

What I know, is my healing will come from my decisions to choose health. Everyday, in every way, that is brought to me to follow. I will color my world by making decisions to honor my body as a dwelling place.....a temple....for God's divine presence to exist in communion with my body, soul, and spirit.

My life will change by this. But, honestly, I have been taking steps this direction for quite some time. However, I am getting bolder.....there is something rising up in me to live my life as eclectic as my little heart desires.

I will give myself permission to say no to activities and YES to delicious rest. Retreating has always been good for me and I will be doing a lot more of that.

This deep tired feeling with burst of energy is going to become a steady glow coming from within me to carry me through each and every step. I want a life that is full of consistent energetic color that feels the way I KNOW deep inside it is meant to feel.

I leave you with my picture for 2013. May my journey spark you to live your authentic life, that you have been created to live. And may you find boldness inside to choose what is good and healthy for you.


  1. This is very cool Melissa!!! Very inspirational!!!
    Here's to your health!

  2. Lots of energy here. Did you also paint the background for the blog? Marsha

  3. Thank you Deb!
    Marsha- I did not paint the background, but it looks like something I would do ;)


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