Life- Learning to say "I love you"

I remember learning to say, "I love you". My mom discussed the appropriate people to say this to and what it meant. It was really fun to say! And the love that was shared between me and the recipient was so nice.

It also made me feel vulnerable. Saying I love you opened up myself to rejection. Or even saying, "I like you". Expressing how you feel through these three little words could open myself to a world of hurt or acceptance.

Now, how often do I tell myself these words?

How often do you?

Self-esteem is a funny thing that I have tried hard to understand for some time. Some days I really like myself and appreciate the way I am made......
and other days I get mad at me.....
and then other days I wish I was made a different way than I am.

My emotions about myself go up and down. My emotions about my life do as well.

Revelation bell is ringing!!!!!!!!
Could they be related? Well.....perhaps....perhaps......

I started to do something recently that I plan to incorporate into my life. It is a hard, funny, weird exercise but I am going to try it until I stop being so mean to me.

Every night and morning, I am going to look myself in the mirror and say:
"I love you"

Three simple words.

And share my smile with myself. How often do I do that? Not near enough.

How is this different than vanity?

What a good question my inner critic comes up with and I am not quite sure how to answer it. However, I know in my heart that it is very different.

Perhaps, vanity is false and the love I want to give myself is pure and real.

I think that question deserves more research and will perhaps share later on it.

Thank you to all the people who have blazed the path of loving yourself and have shared this message in many different ways. Thank you to those who have written books about this topic so that we might believe in the truth about it.

And thank you for spending a moment with me. I hope you find a way to love yourself.



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