Life- Outlining Personal Care Week PCW

I promised you that I would post on how to do your own Personal Care Week and then I went silent for a week..........(insert my flushed, blushing face :)

I have thought
And thought
And thought some more about how to explain to you what I do.....
And then how to help you do it....

First off, it is important to know that PCM is a concept and not a rigid plan.

Here is the concept:

1. Prior to starting your week, make a list of things that nurture you. Include things that you do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. This can be a mental list or a list that you write down.

2. Pick up to five items that you would like to incorporate into your PCW. I include at least one item that is something I have been avoiding, but know it would be good to do.

3. Choose a week that your schedule is not too full of activities so that you can properly care for yourself.

4. PCW is meant to be a week that you focus on yourself and be aware and present to your personal needs. I firmly believe that we give the best love to the world when we take time to first fill ourselves up.

5. Find time for rest and letting your mind wind down. I like to have "staring at the ceiling time" in which I zone out and let my mind wander. It feels really good to not require anything of my mind or body. This can be hard if you have been going and going, but even five minutes can do a lot for you.

6. Eat as well as you can. Choose foods that feel healthy to you.

7. If you indulge, take time to fully savor your indulgence. Feel free to have your favorite dessert, but don't scarf it......take time to really experience it. Be aware of the texture and flavor.

8. Be nice to yourself. Pay close attention to the self talk that is going on. Would you talk to your close friends like you are talking to yourself?

9. Take at least one candlelit bath with soothing music in the background. Plan to give you plenty of time to just soak. Use your favorite bubble bath or bath salts.

10. Choose clothes (and make-up) throughout the week that make you feel good. Dress for yourself. Give yourself the freedom to express yourself.

There you have it! The first outline for Personal Care Week.

I am planning on starting one this coming Sunday. Will you join me?


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