Life- New morning view

During this last week, I dedicated time to take care of myself. I call this PCW- personal care week.

I was a little worried about how I would do because it was the week of Thanksgiving and we were hosting dinner at our house. It ended up being the best thing I could have done for myself.

Even though we worked hard (especially Mr. Handsome and our friend Gaye) to get our house clean and organized, I still took time to care for myself. Plus, our house feels ready for the holiday season!

Thanksgiving was a lovely holiday that was full of family and good times. It was fun to have it at our place.

Now, here is a pic of my new morning view......this painting has found it's new home on my side of the bed. I painted this 15 years ago. It is large, colorful, and represents the season that painting came a way of life for me.

Have a lovely day!


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