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Last night, Mr. Handsome put his foot down, pulled out the husband card, and told me that I had to do something relaxing and fun. I was going to clean house and dig myself out from under the mess left from our busy October.....but Mr. Bossy ;) was having none of to fun and relaxation I was being shoved!

Just to give you background info, my handsome, sometimes bossy husband knows me well. When I am feeling spent and decide to clean and it is night (especially past 8:00), meltdown will follow at some point in really is true. I wish I wasn't the meltdown type, but I am.

So, Mr. Handsome-bossy-husband-man was protecting not just me and my mental/emotional health, but also his as well!

Since I have been craving some studio time, I decided to listen to him and play in my studio. And I had so much fun that it was hard to stop to go to bed.

I cut bright solid colored flannel into strips, as well as fabric from my Wildwood line that I designed a couple years back. Then, I pulled from a pile of scraps, black and white fabric from my current INK line. I varied my width of strips from 1" sizes up to 2 1/2". It was fun to use my instinct to decide how wide, knowing that there wasn't a "wrong answer".

I also used my instinct as I sewed the strips together. Instead of laying out the strips before sewing them together, I would make the decision of what strip would go next as I went. This is my favorite way to sew because it lets my creativity flow. After all, there is not a wrong decision in a strip quilt.

After sewing row after row, I decided to start sewing strips on the quilt in a different direction.....I started sewing them on top and bottom. Then realized that it looked a little funny, so I cut the quilt in half, played with the placement of the halves, and sewed it back together!

Now, this quilt is being made for my precious godson that was born last month (another highlight to my busy month of October). I was just tickled that they asked us to be his godparents. His blessing ceremony is this Sunday, so I must have his quilt done!

I am going to add grey flannel to one side and the bottom, but otherwise the quilt top is done. On Thursday, I am planning on machine quilting and binding it, so it will be done on time.

Baby quilts are my favorite. They are small enough to finish fast and they are for cute little people!!!!

Now, what do you think about it? Pretty cute- right?


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