Life- Busy....busy....busy

Whoo-eeee! The month of October was BUSY!?!?! I have spoken with other people and discovered that it wasn't just me that had a busy was many of you as well!

Here is a break-down of my month:

Painted a mural on the back of the Village Meat Market building in the Czech Village here in Cedar Rapids, IA (this was a dream that I had had since I was a teen).

Was apart of the House of Hope banquet in which they highlighted my journey of healing in which the HOH had a role (what an honor :).

Traveled to Des Moines to work a couple days at the AQS show for Fern Hill (that was just straight-up fun).

Hosted a unique bridal shower for my best friend (man, I love that woman and am so excited for her). It was a fantastic event and worth every bit of my effort.

Pulled together a new fabric line called Carpe Diem. It really made me work for it coming out, but was totally worth the creative angst.

Then I got ready for market. This was where I got a little crazy and over ambitious.....I think I thought that I could sew in my sleep.....but somehow managed to finish all my projects. No one but me was putting pressure to complete them all.....jeez Melissa, be a little nicer next time ;).

Market came next. This had quite the driven journey down to Houston, Texas with some interesting travel stories. Market was successful and full of amazing people and connections. I am so glad for the opportunity to be in the Quilting Industry.

My best friend got married only a few days after we came home. It was so much fun to watch the whole process. I was the matron of honor....and I gladly helped her in whatever capacity that was needed. It was a delightfully busy time.

Meanwhile, amongst all of this I did work at my day job for most of the month. Wow! What a month! I am trying to is taking effort and intention to slow the pace. When I get busy for a length of time, I find it hard to slow down. Even though I feel depleted of energy, it is hard to find rest.

Guess what that means?

It is time for another PCW! Personal Care Week!

Some of you have read my past posts from PCW's so you are familiar with what they mean. For those who are new to my blog- PCW means that I will be intentional in caring for myself for a set amount of time. Sometimes it means more rest, sometimes it means eating different, and sometimes it means finding time to catch up on my housework so that my home feels warm and cozy again.

So! Next week I am planning on doing a PCW. In my next blog post I will lay out what that means for me. If after reading it you want to join in, you are welcome to.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog. I appreciate you.

I hope that if you had a busy month, you are finding ways to wind down as well!

Have a lovely evening.


(The picture was taken in a playful moment at the wedding by my sis-in-law.....that girl always brings the silly out of me :).


  1. My, Miss Melissa, your creativity was extra special this month!!! And just-Maybe be a little nicer to my dear time :) !!!
    Enjoy your PCW time! You deserve it!I have been following your accomplishments this month.Thanks for sharing.Loved this blog !! Love always~ sent from Auntie Monkey..our secret....


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